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What is a CRUT

CRUT - Charitable Remainder Unitrust
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Charitable Remainder Trust

What is a Charitable Remainder UniTrust

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Charitable Remainder Unitrust

Another form of charitable giving is a Charitable Remainder Uni-Trust, aka a CRUT. Both CRAT and CRUT are types of charitable shared trust.

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What is a CHaritable remainder uni-trust (cRUT)

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How a CRUT works

A CRUT makes annual payments to beneficiaries during the life of the donor, and when they die, the remainder of the trust goes to a charitable cause. The payment to beneficiaries is calculated as a fixed percentage of the assets reaming in the trust. During the trust’s lifetime, the owner can top up the assets as he/she pleases.

There are various charitable remainder unitrusts, including a standard unitrust, a net income Unitrust, and a Flip Unitrust. The payment to beneficiaries depends on the type of CRUT created.

Advantages of CRUT

Assets can be added to the entity over time.
Highly valued assets can be sold with minimal tax consequences.
Provides income stream for many years
The donor or beneficiaries can claim tax charitable deductions.

A charitable remainder uni-trust is an irrevocable trust.  Learn the pros and cons of a charitable trust.

Are you planning to use gift vehicles in your estate planning?

With an estate planning attorney’s help, you can set up charitable trusts and gifts of annuities.
Charitable giving is a fantastic estate planning tool; these gift vehicles allow you to donate to the charities of your choosing, reduce your tax burdens and receive dependable income for life.


Learn the Different Types of Charity Trusts

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Charitable Remainder Unitrust - What Is A Crut

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