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How to Find The Best Trust Litigation Attorney – california

Serving as a trustee over a trust or estate is a serious role. You are responsible for controlling the Trust’s property, finances, and other essential assets in this role. Perhaps one of the most important jobs a trustee has is to impartially administer the trust amongst beneficiaries as directed by the trustor while adhering to legal ethics. With so many different responsibilities, there are instances in which a trustee may slip up and expose themselves to liability. Also, disputes with beneficiaries can complicate matters. Whatever the issue might be, it’s crucial to have a skilled trust attorney on your side to make sure you are protected.

Trust Litigation Attorneys

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Why Should You Hire A Trust Litigation Attorney?

Are you looking for a trust litigation attorney? Have you been accused of breach of fiduciary duty? Or perhaps a significant dispute has arisen over the administration of a trust or probate estate. It’s in your best interest to seek help from an experienced trust litigation attorney in such cases. As a trustee, you will be held personally liable for any mistakes and accusations that are made against you. Often, disputes lead to litigation in which you could face severe legal penalties. Hiring a good team of trust litigation attorneys to advise you and work in your best interests is imperative.

How To Find the Best Orange County Trust Litigation Attorney

When it comes to the practice of Trust and estates, it can be difficult finding an attorney that’s experienced in handling your specific issues.

Here are some tips when selecting a trust litigation attorney. (Meet the Hess-Verdon team)

● Check out the lawyer’s website to determine if they have expertise in estate law, specifically trust litigation. 

● Google the lawyer’s name or law firm to see if you can find any other information regarding their reputation or skill.

● The attorney you hire should be in good standing. You can contact the California state bar association to make sure that they are appropriately licensed to practice.

● Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you want. 

Now, if you feel a trustee or executor for example is misappropriating funds, an Orange County Private Investigator can assist in tracking down assets.

Schedule a Consultation

Of course, the best way to determine whether you’ve found the right trust litigation attorney for your case is to sit down and talk to a few of them. You can request an initial consultation.

During this consultation, you will be able to:

● Discuss the details of your case or the matter you require legal help in resolving—this the perfect opportunity to see if they have expertise in trust litigation.

● You’ll get a good sense of their communication skills and see how well you click with them professionally. Meeting in person is very important because you’ll want to be sure that they can meet your needs.

● Find out who will be working on your case. You should expect the attorney you hire to delegate a large portion of their work to lawyers they have working for them. Find out just how involved they’ll be with your case. You’ll need to have confidence in the entire legal team. 

Hess-Verdon & Associates Is The Best Trust Litigation Attorney Serving orange county Families

With over thirty years of experience in successfully handling all types of trust and estate cases, we can rightfully say that we are the best trust litigation attorneys serving California families. Here at Hess-Verdon &Associates, we are known for our aggressive legal representation, which has helped us obtain our clients’ best outcomes. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff works hard to enforce the rights of a trustee. Let us make your job a bit easier. Contact us today to discuss your trust litigation case.  Call 888-318-4430.

Choosing the Right Trust Estate Litigation Lawyer is Crucial

Hess-Verdon is the Right Trust Estate Litigation Lawyer 

When it comes to searching for a Trust Litigation Attorney,  Hess-Verdon & Associates is a top Southern California Orange County trust attorney in the state of California at both the trial and appellate levels.

Our law firm is well versed in estate planningtrust administration, and trust litigation.

We believe in Aggressive legal representation with a team of experts that protect you, our preferred client, with current tax and estate planning and trust litigation strategies.

To continue, our litigation lawyers have years of extensive experience in strategy, trial preparation, and trial presentation to help you with your case. 

Hess-Verdon welcomes the opportunity to discuss your case, our staffing approaches, qualifications, and rate structures. Our goal is a view toward the successful resolution of Estate and trust-related matters. 


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#1 Best Orange County Trust Litigation Attorneys

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