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Trust Litigation

Trust Litigation Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

Family and Trustee Disputes

As a Trustee or beneficiary,  you have roles to keep. As a trustee, your fiduciary duty is to protect the trust. As a beneficiary, you should stay reasonable in your requests. Our legal counsel is here to handle either party.

With over thirty years of experience in successfully handling all types of trust and estate cases, we can rightfully say that we are one of the top California trust litigation attorneys.

Here at Hess-Verdon & Associates, we are known for our aggressive legal representation, which has helped us obtain our clients’ best outcomes. Call us now, and receive expert counsel.

What is Trust litigation?

Trust litigation is contesting or defending a Trust in court. While Trusts are created to avoid probate, it does not stop the grantor’s children from bringing legal action against the Trustee in court to get the Trust set aside for various reasons or compel the Trustee to pay for breaching fiduciary duties.

What is Probate litigation? 

Probate Litigation refers to a legal dispute between an Executor and a Beneficiary during the probate administration process due to various claims such as Misappropriation of Funds, Undue Influence, Lack of Transparency, and asks the court to fix and solve the dispute by challenging the validity of a trust or will.

    Estate Planning

    Estate Planning

    Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

    Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

    Trusts break down into two distinct camps: Revocable Trust and Irrevocable Trust. You may have also heard of a living trust and testamentary trusts. Both of these trusts have multiple sub-trust categories. Here are differences between a revocable trust vs. irrevocable trusts. The Trust is a capable vehicle for protecting, preserving, and passing on wealth in the event of a death or legal incapacitation. It allows you to select your trustee(s) and assist you in granting to heirs and beneficiaries in an orderly fashion.  Connect with an Orange County Trust attorney today. 

    Trust Administration

    Trust Administration Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

    Trustee Compliance

    When the trustor dies, the trust administration begins. As a trustee, the grantor has bestowed you with their estate to manage and distribute it per their requirements. Trust administration implements the Trust per the law, per the grantor’s wishes, and the Trust’s terms.  

    What is Trust administration? 

    Trust administration manages the assets in a trust according to the Trust’s terms to benefit the heirs and beneficiaries following the trustor’s death. Trust administration is a multi-step process that involves mountainous paperwork and dealings with courts. Working with a trust attorney can be instrumental in streamlining the whole process.

    Trust administration processes and procedures revolve around the following:

    · Communicating about the Trust and its terms to the named beneficiaries

    · Filing the Trust and filing taxes

    · Distributing the estate to the enlisted beneficiaries per the grantor’s

    · Protecting the assets in the Trust

    Connect today to speak with a Trust Administration Attorney. 

    Did your spouse (husband or wife) die and wanting to know what you are entitled to?  Learn more.

    Corporate Trustee Representation

    Corporate Trustee representation Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

    compliance and disputes

    A corporate trustee is the bedrock of asset management and personal service. A corporate trustee is a bank trust department or trust company. Many times, a family will have a family member or close friend act with them as co-trustee.

    Here at Hess-Verdon & Associates, PLC, we work with the following and know the latest developments in the administrative, legal, and the transactional environment in which corporate trustees operate.

    1. Corporate Trustees
    2. Custodians
    3. Collateral agents
    4. Escrow agents

    As a Corporate Trustee attorney, Hess-Verdon & Associates recognizes the importance of a bank or trust company as a trustee of a trust. Corporate trustees work at the highest level due to the in-depth experience of acting as a trustee. Corporate Trustees are continuously training to keep up their licenses. Professional Corporate Trustees are licensed and regulated by the state of California and have strict ethical guidelines. 

    Beneficiary Representation

    Beneficiary Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca Representation

    Trust rights and compliance

    As a beneficiary, you are entitled to transparency.  Staying reasonable is essential as it pertains to the Trustee.  You have rights!

    Beneficiary Representation

    Probate Matters? Start here

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    Business Formation

    Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

    Business Formation

      Family Business Owners

      Here at Hess-Verdon & Associates PLC, we have assisted thousands of families throughout our tenure to assist in business formation while implementing a personal strategy throughout their personal and business life, including trust and estate planning, business formations, and real estate law. 


      • Limited liability company (LLC)
      • Limited liability Partnership (LLP)
      • S-Corporation
      • C-Corp
      • Sole Proprietorship
      • General Partnership
      • Limited liability Partnership (LLP)
      • Family limited partnerships (FLP)
      • Public Limited Partnership (PLC)
      • Limited Partnership (LP)

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      Business Litigation

      Business Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca Litigation

      Representing Business Owners

      Hess-Verdon and Associates, PLC, has an astute litigation team that handles disputes involving closely held and family-owned businesses, shareholders, buyers and sellers, and investors in post-acquisition-merger disputes, unfair and deceptive business practice claims, business fraud, derivative suits asserting violations of duties of care and/or loyalty, disputes arising out of commercial financing transactions, and lawsuits/arbitrations arising out of investments and complex partnership/joint venture real estate and business relationships.


      Contact us for any of the following reasons.

      Real Estate Litigation

      Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

      Real Estate Litigation

        Representing Business Owners

        Our clients range from individuals, brokers, family-owned corporations, and partnerships to nationally recognized private companies. Each real estate client, large or small, is given personal attention and the benefit of our collective knowledge and experience.

        Our attorneys assist clients in navigating through the complexities and challenges of today’s real estate environment. In addition, we provide advice and guidance in connection with the daily legal and contractual issues faced by our real estate clients.

        Our real estate practice provides advice in the following areas:

        • Property Tax Issues
        • Titling of Residential, Commercial and Income Properties
        • Commercial Property Litigation
        • Disputes Over Income Properties
        • Dual Agency - Real Estate

        Our clients range from individuals, brokers, family-owned corporations and partnerships.

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        Top Trust And Estate Law Firm Orange County Ca

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        Top California trust and estate law firm

        The Right Attorneys Combining Business Law, Trust and Estate Law, and Real Estate Law are the Keys to Protecting Your Legal Rights!

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