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Reliable counsel to protect your legal rights.  

The Hess-Verdon Law firm focuses on trust & estate planning with emphasis in trust and probate litigation. We’re proud to work with trustees and beneficiaries disputes based on trust & estate misappropriation and trustee breach of fiduciary duty during the trust administration process.

When a settlor/grantor dies and leaves an inheritance for the beneficiaries and if issues arise, trust litigation may be a necessary dispute resolution.

The staff of attorneys here at Hess-Verdon are ready to help safeguard your interests!

Trust litigation disputes often involve substantial assets and can get complicated very fast. Trust litigation cases involve legal disputes over the administration of the Trust. 

Hess-Verdon & Associates is one of the leading California estate planning law firms involved in litigation regarding wills, trusts, and estates. Estate litigation is one of our primary focuses and accounts for much of our work in court, and our track record in litigation is both extensive and impressive.  

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First of all, we understand these are trying times. 

During these COVID19 times, you can be rest assured your health is our priority. Following all state guidelines, all attorneys and paralegals wear masks at all times. Counters wiped and air filtration throughout all meeting rooms. Regain your peace of mind. 

With regard to our second opinion case review, it has been our pleasure to offer our perspective to our Southern California residents for the last 30+ years.

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Welcome to Hess-Verdon & Associates. A seasoned estate planning and business law firm.

Many people believe to search for a “trust attorney near me” is ok but that may not be the best choice. It’s essential to choose a law firm that specializes in your specific type of trust needs with deep court experience. 

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stars 5 Top Orange County Trust Attorney & Estate Planning Attorneys

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stars 5 Top Orange County Trust Attorney & Estate Planning Attorneys

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