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Hess-Verdon & Associates PLC represents some of the largest bank and trust companies in California for over 30 years!

Top Corporate Trustee attorney (California)


Corporate Trustee definition

A corporate trustee is the bedrock of asset management and personal service. A corporate trustee is a bank trust department or trust company. Many times, a family will have a family member or close friend act with them as co-trustee.

Here at Hess-Verdon & Associates, PLC, we work with the following and know the latest developments in the administrative, legal, and the transactional environment in which corporate trustees operate.

  1. Corporate Trustees
  2. Custodians
  3. Collateral agents
  4. Escrow agents

As a Corporate Trustee attorney, Hess-Verdon & Associates recognizes the importance of a bank or trust company as a trustee of a trust. Corporate trustees work at the highest level due to the in-depth experience of acting as a trustee. Corporate Trustees are continuously training to keep up their licenses. Professional Corporate Trustees are licensed and regulated by the state of California and have strict ethical guidelines. 

Moreover, a corporate trustee is familiar with different kinds of trusts and various estate planning and tax strategies.


  1. Years of Experience: Corporate Trustees manage various amounts of trusts daily, so with that comes years and depth of experience.
  1. Corporate Trustee can manage multiple assets, including:
  1. Buying and selling assets
  2. Paying bills
  3. Filing tax returns
  4. Maintaining up-to-date records, 
  5. Distribution of income and assets
  • Higher protection for your wealth: Corporate trustees are regulated by both the federal agencies and state agencies, and most courts consider them “experts.”
  • Corporate Trustees follow trust instructions objectively and faithfully: Often, a family member may have different objectives and see things a bit different, but due to the longevity of working with Trusts, the Corporate Trustee stays faithful to the wishes of the Trustor.
  • Selecting a Trustee is an important responsibility. Choosing a Corporate Trustee allows for an in-depth experience in managing unique trust assets such as oil & gas, private equity, real estate, and closely-held businesses.  

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    Top Corporate Trustee Attorney Law Firm In Orange County, California

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    Top Corporate Trustee Attorney Law Firm In Orange County, California

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    Top Corporate Trustee Attorney Law Firm In Orange County, California

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