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Who we are

Hess-Verdon is one of the strongest and most sophisticated Orange County Law Firms. Learn how to Find the Right Trust, Probate, Business and Real Estate Attorney. Contact Us Today.

Who we are?
Who we are?

Read our Hess-Verdon & Associates reviews. You will find 100’s of happy and satisfied clients. We focus on and have maintained a substantial practice in Estate and Trust litigation for nearly 30 years. The firm’s philosophy is to put the needs of the clients first to help them achieve their goals!

Choosing the Right Law Firm is Paramount – Client Service is the Key!

“Absolutely top notch firm for handling all your estate planning matters.”

Dean Williams

Client Since 1995

“Definitely a firm that will “fight to the finish.”

Frances Gruben

Client Since 2010

“I have been working with this firm since 1994; you can’t beat a firm like this, that is so ethical and competent.”

Dixie Fisher

Client Since 1994

“It’s impossible to tell you how much your recommendations have helped in settling my husband’s estate. Thank you!”

Shirley Gray

“Jillyn’s expertise and positive attitude, also wonderful staff. Jillyn’s the best!”

Mary Sipe

 “Up to date knowledge, always responsive, friendly.”

Leslie Foote

“Jill is very knowledgeable and practical – Glad we found her.”

Beverly Toy

“Easy access to advice and excellent knowledge on the subject.”

Dirmali Botejue

“Honesty, dedication and knowledge. You are truly amazing.”

Don Sheridan

“The office of Hess-Verdon is very warm, and is concerned always with the needs of the client. You walk out with peace knowing we were well taken care of. Needs were met.”

Sylvia Ford

“ Your unbelievable knowledge and caring for your clients.”

Judy Michael

 “Jillyn’s very personal and genuine concern to understand your concerns and needs and to work to best accommodate them.”

Bob Parke

“Individual personal services from Jillyn and the staff.”

Robert & Kay Johnson

“Good information about our specific issues with disabled children.”

P. Zintl

“Always up to date in these fast paced and volatile times.”

Don Knapp

“Jillyn’s knowledge. Always does a terrific job of explaining everything.”

Carol Netta

“Your sincere honesty makes me feel good! 5 stars!”

Ken Carr

“The feelings of being comfortable with having your firm prepare our trust.”

Joan Karr

“I appreciate that you keep us informed on all pertinent legal considerations.”

Paulette Fiedor-Carpenter

“Everyone can appreciate knowledge and expertise, however I value Jillyn’s compassion and kindness when I needed it most.”

Hemlata Lepkowski

“Friendly, competent, complete, trustworthy.”

Nancy Christian

“Personal aspect… Listening skills and her responding to my needs.”

Cynthia Carson

“ The trust level of your firm is based on your personal integrity, thank you!”

Dr. George & Nancy Christian

“My personal interests are taken very seriously, Jillyn is up to date. A definite sense of trust.”

Susan Pirrell

“Professional and knowledgeable.”

Bill LaFave

“That you are so knowledgeable and add such a personal, caring quality and can be reached so easily with questions.”

Nancy Mounier

“Knowing my estate is up to date and accurate- appreciate guidance on how to proceed in planning.”

Marilyn MacGowan

We are one of the Top Estate Planning and Litigation Law Firms in Orange County

We are here to bring Peace of Mind!

Competent, Aggressive Legal Representation, Well Established

Get Smart & Strategic Legal Advice. Your Business deserves it!

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Living Trusts, Estate Planning, Business Formation, Real Estate Law

Trust Litigation | Business Litigation | Real Estate Litigation

Jillyn Hess-Verdon

Managing Partner

Keith Van Dyke


James R. Cunningham

Senior Associate - Attorney

R. Kurt Ketchum

Associate Attorney

David Crumpton

Associate Attorney

Fee Arrangements Include:

  • Hourly fees, regular rates, structured rates, and custom rates to meet your particular needs.
  • Contingent Fees if the merits and nature of your case warrant.
  • Part hourly/part contingent fees.
  • Enforce provisions to make your opponent pay your fees.
  • Fixed Fees.
  • Retainers.
  • Cooperate with corporate legal department policies.
  • There is generally no charge to a new client for an initial one-hour consultation.
  • Second opinions on the handling of your case can be rendered on favorable terms, in some cases, at no charge.

We work with you to keep your fees to a minimum by designing a strategy that gets the maximum result. We work diligently to promote a favorable settlement with the least expenditure of time.

We have successfully represented a large variety of clients. The successful outcome of any given case, which is always dependent upon its specific facts, can never be guaranteed.

In some matters, when we negotiate some or all of the attorney fees on a contingency basis, the client may be held responsible for advanced costs.  

Some of the advanced costs (including, but not limited to)

  • Deposition fees, filing fees, witness fees, etc. when there is no recovery.