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What is Business Litigation
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What is Business Litigation?
Type of Business Litigation

Business litigation is a broad term that explains virtually all types of disputes that can arise in a business context. Common commercial litigation instances include 

  • Breach of contract
  • Partnership disputes
  • Class actions and shareholder issues. 

Business legal services are sought out in all of these cases. There are also purely commercial disputes that arise between traders.

They can refer to conflicts between the company and a customer or the company with its supplier, distributor, or external service provider. Commercial disputes can also concern the relationship between the company and competitors.

Business Litigation – Finding the Right Law Firm


Business Litigation

Although companies strive to avoid litigation, sometimes it’s unavoidable no matter how hard they try. If your company is sued or named as a defendant, you need to fight for a positive outcome.

You can also file a lawsuit on behalf of your business if you deem that its rights are not respected. In case of commercial disputes, your business should utilize the legal system to protect its interests and be compensated for financial loss, helping you remain operational and profitable.

A skilled business litigation attorney can provide you with guidance, representation, and legal advice anytime your business becomes involved in any lawsuit.

The assistance and guidance of an experienced business litigation lawyer can be invaluable as you navigate the legal system for your company.

What is Business Litigation?

Business litigation entails settling disputes between parties arising out of commercial interests, including a business’s claims against other companies, governments, or groups of individuals. A litigation lawyers’ knowledge of the client’s business is a predictor of the litigation’s outcome since the issues are usually complex.

This kind of litigation is typically public record, which could create PR nightmares for companies. The reputation a company has is its most valuable asset: lawsuits can ruin reputations and lead to financial ruin by decreasing sales and increasing expenditures. Proper legal action from an early stage of a dispute is critical for the business’s bottom line.

Business Litigation Attorney

Managing disputes can take up a lot of your time and energy. A law firm can make resolving a dispute easier by helping you carefully consider all options and deploy a carefully crafted strategy.

Whether it’s a commercial or contractual dispute, compliance issues, or allegations of negligence, business litigation attorneys can make sure they fully understand your goals and priorities. In this way, they can work with you closely to develop an ideal strategy to achieve your objectives.

Here is how a business litigation lawyer can work well for you:

They use very creative, fast, and efficient dispute resolution methods. The attorneys have extensive experience with the full range of legal strategies. They consider all possible ways of settlement, such as early recourse to negotiation, the use of out-of-court settlement methods, or the judicial process’s persuasive power.

The business litigation attorney calculates the chances of success. Their experience allows them to assess complex business issues and determine the chances of obtaining satisfactory results.

They offer in-depth expertise and knowledge. The best lawyers are first-rate litigators who can represent your business’s interests in disputes that span multiple provinces, territories, or countries at the same time. They draw on the specialist knowledge of lawyers across the firm, particularly in banking law, competition law, corporate finance, the public sector, intellectual property law, labor law, employment, professional liability, real estate

law, securities, and tax as technology law.

What Exactly Does a Business Litigator Do?

Business litigators are responsible for filing motions in courts and suing when the business has been wronged. A lawsuit is usually filed against a corporation, but in some instances, it could be against an individual if actions taken by the corporation resulted in economic or financial damage.

The company may file a lawsuit against someone that has attempted to impede business. The lawsuit could aim to make them pay compensation or get a cease-and-desist order. In all commercial law areas, a business litigator seeks to protect and assist in the business’s best interest for which they work.

These professionals’ duties also include assisting in business transactions and ensuring that transactions and arrangements are valid and legal. The majority of these duties are related to contract preparation and analyzing the terms and conditions of agreements. That may further entail drafting nondisclosure agreements, modifying agreements, or studying legal documents for legal vulnerabilities.

Common types of Business Litigation

Business litigation takes many forms, and many situations warrant it. Knowing what kinds there are will help you keep your organization out of trouble.

Breach of contract: In a legally binding contract, both parties should adhere to the contract’s terms. If they fail to do so, then the injured party may sue for damages.

Product liability and personal injury claims: In other words, if a product is manufactured by your company and causes harm to someone, it may lead to a lawsuit. If someone is injured at your workplace, it could also lead to litigation.

Employment conflicts: A lot of business lawsuits arise based on things like nondisclosure agreements that employees violate. Your business could also face lawsuits for wrongful termination, discrimination, or harassment. Disputes relating to intellectual property (IP): You own your IP, and if someone uses it without your consent, you need to take action. Those whose intellectual property rights have been violated can sue to prevent others from disclosing their trade secrets, prevent them from infringing on their copyrights or trademarks, or recover damages.

Shareholder litigation/ partnership disputes: Lawsuits can result if partners disagree or if shareholders oppose the company’s management style.

Newport Beach Business Attorneys Near Me

Hess-Verdon is in Newport Beach. We have 30 years’ experience in business law. We have helped many clients protect their business, grow their businesses, and pass it down to their loved ones through various legal instruments.

Business Litigation Examples

Litigation with insurance

Refusal of support, refusal to pay, insufficient compensation: the grounds for disputes with insurance are numerous. If there is a conflict with your insurance, try to resolve the conflict amicably first. If the amicable procedures do not lead to any conciliation, you will have to go to court to settle your insurance dispute.

Landlord-tenant dispute

Disputes between tenants and owners may concern non-payment of rent or charges, non-compliance with contractual obligations, or even non-performance of work on the part of the tenant.

Unfair competition dispute

It is the practice of a sales strategy in defiance of the law. This is dumping, a type of commercial dispute that involves the sale of products at a considerably low price, to the detriment of one’s profit margin.

Lack of product conformity lawsuit

Sometimes, the delivered products do not meet the requirements at the time of drafting the sales contract. This is the case with purchases from the supplier. The products may also be counterfeit. Lack of conformity is common in e-commerce.

Delay or failure to deliver lawsuit

The delivery date is expressly stipulated in any sales contract. Failure to meet the fixed deadline constitutes non-compliance with the contract. It could be a simple delay or a lack of delivery.

Whatever the reason for your company’s involvement in business litigation, properly preparing a court case is a vital part of the process. You should understand the law and the process in which it operates and the statute of limitations, and the claims being made against your company.


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Business Litigation Overview

We Focus on the Below Areas of Practice:

  • Corporate and Shareholder Litigation 
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duty
  • Breach of Contract
  • Business Litigation
  • Business Dissolution
  • Commercial Lease Disputes
  • Commercial real estate disputes
  • Corporate, Partnership, joint venture, or Ownerships Disputes
  • Disputes Involving Real Property
  • Business Tort Claims

What Is Business Litigation? Type Of Business Litigation

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