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Suppose you are a social influencer and looking to make income on your social platforms like Tik Tok, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc… In that case, you need to be aware of “very” essential aspects of influencer agreements and contracts.

You see, when searching for influencer contracts, etc., you can google “do it yourself” type contracts on the web. It is essential, however, to have your own contracts created based on what best suits you. 

Always make wise decisions and protect your hard work and efforts!

Social Media Attorney and Influencer Contracts

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What a Social Media Influencer Should Know

As a Social Media Influencer, one of your objectives is to ensure that the advertiser doesn’t take advantage of you because you didn’t know what you were signing. Yes, the dollar amount that is offered is probably something you never made before. Exciting! Some influencers can make seven figures on selling specific products. But what one fails to see is the small letters that hold you accountable when things go wrong, meaning the contracts are always written to protect the product supplier.  


Now, if you are looking to be an influencer for many years, congratulations! It’s an exciting way to live one’s life, and we congratulate you. However, we know the “ugly” side of when contracts don’t play in your favor. That is why you need an experienced social media influencer lawyer who knows FTC guidelines and focuses on trust and estate planning. A trust attorney that knows the ins and outs of contracts, how to protect your assets, and more is your short and long-term play. Hess-Verdon & Associates are well versed in steps that an Influencer must do to protect their hard work and effort. Don’t look for an easy way out or jump quickly to making decisions. Your first contract appropriately done can help lead you to financial success.

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