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Who we are?
Who we are?

Ultimate Guide to selecting the Right Trust Attorney – What You Should Know!

How to Find the Right Living Trust Attorney

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Choosing the Right Living Trust Law Firm is Paramount

First off, a living trust (other names: “inter vivos” or “revocable” Trust) is specifically designed to keep you out of probate. Living Trusts safeguard financial privacy and manage assets should the settlor pass away or become incapacitated. The trustee is the manager of the trust. You choose a representative, called a “successor trustee” who administers your estate at your death.
In the last several years, there has been a spike of revocable trusts being contested or disputed in the probate court. (see trust litigation and why there is a spike)

What Should I Consider in Achieving Good Counsel?

Choosing the right living trust attorney is very important. Yes, you can try to DIY (do it yourself), but in today’s litigious society, it is inadvisable. If you live in California, it is even more of a reason to do your due diligence to protect your estate instead of leaving it up to chance. Why do people choose a Will over a trust? Mostly due to cost, but the downside is the costs and legal fees after a death are higher with a Will because Wills require the probate courts supervision.

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What Does a Living Trust Attorney do?

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For over 29+ years, our experience in living trusts allows us to gear up more quickly and handle your case more efficiently. You receive answers to substantive law questions and recommendations.

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Before you endeavor to find a trust attorney, completely read our page. It will guide you to writing down your decisions about your Trust and questions you want to ask your Trust lawyer. It will also help you on how to create a trust.

What is the difference between a Trust vs. a Will?

While a Trust and a Will are both useful planning devices, there are significant differences between a Trust and a Will, especially in terms of the following:

  1. Time: Where a Trust can take effect as soon as you create it, a Will, on the other hand, takes place at your death. With a Will, it can take ten months upward to probate and if contested several years.
  2. Privacy: With a Trust, our wishes kept private. With a Will, all the information is public.
  3. Cost: Cost can be severe with a Will. Upfront, the price may sometimes be lower than a Trust, but when you die, it can escalate to tens of thousands of dollars to the estate. (see Cost to Probate in California)

Here at Hess-Verdon & Associate PLC, we look to assist you expeditiously. We are available for your call: 949-706-7300.

Schedule an appointment today. Our specialized team is ready to assist you.

Call 949-706-7300.

Call: 949-706-7300.

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Living Trust Attorney Near Me

You may want to work with lawyers near you. While convenience is a consideration, the best living trust lawyer near you may be worth a little bit of inconvenience. Keep in mind that you are looking for an attorney who has the experience, has the right personality, and whos fees, services, and qualifications match your needs.

When evaluating an attorney, you will want to review what others have to say about them. See Hess-Verdon Reviews. We suggest calling us at 949-706-7300.

When calling into an estate planning firm, you will want them to know the following:

  1. Avoid Probate: Let them know you want to avoid probate when you die. 
  2. Find out how many years he/she has been doing Living Trusts and how many they have prepared.
  3. Ask who will draft and prepar your Trust document. Nowadays, there are DIY Living Trust platforms, but here at Hess-Verdon, you work one-on-one with our attorneys and paralegals.
  4. The larger the estate, the more important advanced estate planning may be for you. All properties, assets, etc., must be taken into account; otherwise, it can trigger probate.
  5. How Many Administered: Ask how many Living Trust the attorney had administered (settled) when the clients died or became incapacitated.
  6. Ask how long it will take: 
  7. It is imperative to have a checkup once every 3-5 years. If a significant change has occurred to you or your assets, then have one of Hess-Verdon’s trusted attorneys do a review as soon as possible.
  8.  Free consultation: Typically, with an upfront phone interview, you will know exactly where you stand here at Hess-Verdon. 

Note: If there is an immediate hardship, please call 949-706-7300. 

Note: The California Probate Code provides that probate estates of $150,000 or less do not need to be probated. If the estate consists of assets more than $150,000, a probate is necessary. Therefore, it is important to choost the right living trust lawyer to advise you.

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