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Maricopa County Trust Litigation

Trust litigation is a complex law area requiring specialized knowledge and experience. It involves disputes arising from creating, administering, and terminating trusts. These disputes can be emotionally charged and can significantly impact the parties involved. Suppose you are facing a trust litigation issue in Maricopa County. In that case, hiring a knowledgeable and skilled Maricopa County trust litigation attorney who can provide effective legal representation and protect your interests is essential.

How to Hire a Trust and Probate Litigation Attorney

This article will discuss the importance of hiring a Maricopa County trust litigation attorney, services to consider, and the benefits of working with an experienced attorney. In the meantime, we created a page that describes, “What questions to ask a probate attorney

Why Hire a Maricopa County Trust Litigation Attorney?

Trust litigation is a specialized area of law that requires a thorough understanding of trust law and litigation procedures. Knowing this, choose a Maricopa County trust litigation attorney with a proven record. Ensure they have years of experience in trust litigation and not simply an estate planning attorney with no direct litigation experience.

Protection of Your Interests: Trust litigation can have significant financial and emotional consequences. A Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can protect your interests and help you achieve a favorable outcome. Protect the trust from various situations like: misappropriation of trust funds, lack of transparency, breach of fiduciary duty, false claims of trustee negligence and more. 

Experience: An experienced Maricopa County trust litigation attorney has handled numerous trust litigation cases and can use their expertise to help you navigate the legal process effectively. It is not simply the hourly fee, but the experience! Interview 2-3 trust and probate litigation attorneys to understand who you can best work with.

Schedule a Consultation

Of course, the best way to determine whether you’ve found the right trust attorney for your case is to sit down and talk to a few of them. You can request an initial consultation. During this consultation, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the details of your case or the matter you require legal help in resolving—this is the perfect opportunity to see if they have expertise in trust litigation.
  • You’ll understand their communication skills well and see how well you click with them professionally. Meeting in person is crucial because you want to ensure they meet your needs.  Zoom is always the next best option.
  • Find out who will be working on your case. You should expect the attorney you hire to delegate a large portion of their work to lawyers they have working for them. Find out just how involved they’ll be with your case. You’ll need to have confidence in the entire legal team.  You may also read their Google and Yelp reviews.

Services Offered by Maricopa County Trust Litigation Attorney:

A Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can provide a wide range of services to protect the trustee and a beneficiary.

Here are some things they can help with:

Trust Disputes: If you are a trustee or even a beneficiary, resolving disputes equitably is paramount, as the cost can arise quickly. As a trustee, your fiduciary duty is to protect the trust, stay transparent, keep a journal of your administration process, and keep accounting up-to-date. As a beneficiary, it’s to remain reasonable and compliant with arizona probate law regarding timelines. Disputes arise due to various scenarios such as elder abuse, breach of fiduciary duty, misappropriation of trust assets, lack of transparency, and other factors.

Will Contests: A Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can represent you in will contests, which are legal proceedings challenging the validity of a will. Will contests can arise due to lack of capacity, undue influence, or fraud.

Trust Administration: A Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can advise and represent trustees in trust administration matters, including the preparation of trust accountings, distribution of trust assets, and compliance with legal requirements.

Beneficiary Representation: A Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can represent beneficiaries in trust litigation matters, including disputes related to trust distributions, trustee compensation, and removal of trustees. Once again, it’s crucial to interview 2-3 attorneys who have current trust litigation experience.

What are the Benefits of Working with an Experienced Maricopa County Trust Litigation Attorney:

When choosing a trust litigation attorney, they can provide numerous benefits instead of doing things in pro per. Here are just some benefits to consider:

An Attorney can give Legal Guidance: An experienced attorney can provide legal guidance and help you make informed decisions based on the case’s merits. Compile your information in an organized fashion.

Negotiation Skills: An experienced attorney can effectively negotiate with the opposing party and their attorney to reach a favorable settlement.

Litigation Skills: An experienced attorney has the skills and knowledge to represent you in court effectively. They can persuasively present your case and advocate for your interests.

Peace of Mind: Working with an experienced attorney can give you peace of mind because there are many twists and turns in the mediation, arbitration, and litigation process that should be left in capable hands. A trusted attorney can handle the legal complexities and protect your interests. You may incur legal jeopardy only due to a lack of knowledge and meeting deadlines.

Efficient Case Handling: An experienced Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can handle your case efficiently and effectively. So, start collecting evidence, share everything you know, and see the path the trust attorney wants to take. Note: It is always recommended to interview 2-3 trust litigation attorneys.


Q: What is trust litigation?

A: Trust litigation refers to legal disputes arising from creating, administering, and terminating trusts. The conflicts often revolve around the trustee and beneficiary not getting along due to an alleged breach of fiduciary duty or mismanagement of trust assets, to name just two. Trust litigation can be composed of mediation, arbitration, and litigation, and the most costly is litigation. Therefore choose your attorney wisely!

Q: What types of trust litigation cases do Maricopa County trust litigation attorneys handle?

A: Maricopa County trust attorneys handle a wide range of trust litigation cases, including trust disputes, will contests, trust administration, and beneficiary representation.

Q: How can a Maricopa County trust litigation attorney help me?

A: A Maricopa County trust litigation attorney can provide legal guidance, protect your interests, and help you achieve a favorable outcome in your trust litigation case.


When should you hire a probate litigation lawyer?

Probate litigation lawyers come in when there is an issue with a will or trust leading to litigation. A probate litigation and trustee lawyer can help both trustee and beneficiaries resolve disputes involving a beloved’s trust or will.

But you cannot just challenge a will or trust because its terms are not favorable to you. See, there are four legal causes to contest a will in California. These include the following:

  • Fraud
  • Undue influence
  • Incapacity
  • Violation of state law.

Here, therefore, are examples of scenarios that could do with the help of a probate litigation attorney:

Quiet title to a property

Suppose there are claims or challenges to the title of a loved one’s property. In that case, a lawsuit can be brought in court to settle or establish the title to the property and thus ‘quiet’ any challenges to the plaintiff’s ownership of the property.

Quiet title lawsuits are common after the passing of property owners. Following the case, the plaintiff and his/her heirs get full possession of the property. The heirs will also be protected from further challenges to ownership by outside contestants.

Contest a trust or will

Probate litigation also provides information, advice, and legal representation when contesting a will or disputing a trust. A will or trust may come under dispute if it’s changed under suspicious circumstances, contains ambiguous wording, mistakes, or omissions. In any case, a court’s wisdom will be needed to resolve disputes.

Seek compensation for a violation of fiduciary responsibilities

Both the executors and trustees are appointed to carry out a decedent’s wishes concerning their will or trust. They have a fiduciary responsibility to beneficiaries and or heirs. That means they shouldn’t act in self-interest.

If you are having problems with an executor or trustee, you can file a lawsuit to have them removed and get a responsible fiduciary in place. You can also seek compensation for misappropriated funds.

Secure a property taken without one’s consent, 

It’s always good to distribute a loved one’s assets according to their wishes. However, that may not be possible in case of missing items. A lot happens when a loved one passes away; usually, one’s estate is not secure.

Amidst the grief and uncertainty, items start to disappear. If the missing items amount to the level of criminal theft, a probate litigation attorney can help file a lawsuit to help discover the whereabouts and recover missing properties.

Address undue influence

One of the most well-known reasons for disputing a trust or contesting a will is undue influence. It usually happens if one or more beneficiaries or heirs take advantage of the decedent, influencing him/her to change the will in their favor. If you suspect that a will or trust has been changed due to undue influence, you can contest it in court to get it set aside.

Issues of incapacity

Undue influence and incapacity go hand in hand. In case the decedent lacked the mental ability to make a sound judgment about the distribution of their assets, a probate litigation attorney can argue in court to get the will or trust tossed.

Tortious interference with a testamentary expectancy

If you do not receive part or all of the gift bequeathed to you by a decedent in his or her will, you can file a tort claim against the person interfering with your inheritance. Courts allow tort claims relating to inheritance if there is no other probate remedy you can get.

The mechanisms of probate litigation

In a probate litigation case, the plaintiff brings the case to the probate court, seeking redress and guidance regarding a disputed trust or will; following discovery, a court trial may proceed. Probate litigation cases take years. In the duration of the case, the plaintiff can seek to have the trustee or executor removed and the trust placed in the hands of a temporary fiduciary until a ruling is made.

Generally, there is no specified period after someone’s passing for the will or trust to be filed for probate. Also, because the executor and trustee are personally liable to heirs or beneficiaries, they are expected to defend themselves in person.

Probate cases take years and cost a substantial amount of dollars. Indeed, the reason most people set up trusts is to avoid the hassles of probate. But even so, beneficiaries or heirs of a trustor can still take legal action against a trustee to get him/her removed, or the trust set aside for various reasons.


Trust litigation is a complex and specialized law area requiring expertise and experience. If you are facing a trust litigation issue in Maricopa County, hiring a knowledgeable and skilled Maricopa County trust litigation attorney is crucial. Look into protecting your rights with proper legal representation. A Trust attorney with litigation experience can protect your interests and help you achieve a favorable outcome. 


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