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Guidelines: Trustee Representation

Trustee of a Trust

A Trustee acts as a custodian to assets that are part of a Trust. He or she is responsible to manage and administer the Trust’s finances in accordance with the instructions. Often, the Trustee who creates the Trust will be the one responsible for managing and administering the finances of the Trust until they become disabled or die.

Trustee & Co-Trustee Not Getting Along.

Unanimous decisions not taking place between Trustee and co-trustee?

Reduce and eliminate challenges associated with sibling co-trustees and avoid major litigation!

Hess-Verdon & Associates works diligently to eliminate legal predicaments for the Trustee and Co-Trustee.

Seeing thousands of problems facing trustees has allowed us to assist and complete the wishes of the Trustor/Executor. Contact us today for an initial consultation..

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Trust Litigation Trustee Of A Trust - Duties &Amp; Responsibilities Of A Trustee

Family and Trustee Disputes

As a Trustee,  you have roles to keep. As a trustee, your fiduciary duty is to protect the trust. As a beneficiary, you should stay reasonable in your requests. Our legal counsel is here to handle either party.

With over thirty years of experience in successfully handling all types of trust and estate cases, we can rightfully say that we are one of the top California trust litigation attorneys.

Here at Hess-Verdon & Associates, we are known for our aggressive legal representation, which has helped us obtain our clients’ best outcomes. Call us now, and receive expert counsel.

What is Trust litigation?

Trust litigation is contesting or defending a Trust in court. While Trusts are created to avoid probate, it does not stop the grantor’s children from bringing legal action against the Trustee in court to get the Trust set aside for various reasons or compel the Trustee to pay for breaching fiduciary duties.

What is Probate litigation? 

Probate Litigation refers to a legal dispute between an Executor and a Beneficiary during the probate administration process due to various claims such as Misappropriation of Funds, Undue Influence, Lack of Transparency, and asks the court to fix and solve the dispute by challenging the validity of a trust or will.


Trustee Of A Trust - Duties &Amp; Responsibilities Of A Trustee
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Trustee Of A Trust - Duties &Amp; Responsibilities Of A Trustee
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Trustee Of A Trust - Duties &Amp; Responsibilities Of A Trustee
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