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Hess-Verdon & Associates Represents clients throughout Stanton, CA., and surrounding cities. Located in Fashion Island.

Where do you currently stand in the Trust & Estate process?

During these trying times, we know it’s vitally important for you to save time and money. Is peace of mind important to you?  Rest assured that our top-quality attorneys will assist you every step of the way.

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Our Mission: Courteous treatment, respect, and professionalism with a commitment to high-quality.

Estate Planning Lawyers Serving Stanton, Ca.

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Estate Planning Attorney Near Me

Hess-Verdon & Associates Represents clients throughout Stanton, CA. and surrounding cities.  Our proficiency in Estate Planning and Trust Administration for our Southern California families is unequaled, what sets Hess-Verdon & Associates apart is their expertise in particularly complicated post-mortem litigation and disputes resolution, formations of companies, partnerships or LLCs, and all areas of real estate law.

Top Trust & Estate Planning Attorney Serving Stanton, CA.

Your Stanton Inheritance Lawyer

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At Hess-Verdon, you will find your answers! After 30+ years in estate planning and litigation matters, you will receive in-depth knowledge from deep-court experienced lawyers. The intricacies are in the details!
When up against a trust & estate matter, it is crucial to receive superior knowledge to guide you on your legal standings.
Contact us to request a no-obligation case review. It’s essential to help our Southern California families and provide the correct perspective on a litany of estate planning issues, including litigation.

What to expect

You can expect unparalleled client-centered focus!
We are aggressive in representing our client’s legal rights! With that said, feel free to request a 2nd opinion case review. Professionalism from beginning to end is our motto.

Primary Focus

Sophisticated estate planning matters, including blended family topics, trustee and co-trustee disputes, trustee representation, beneficiary representation, corporate formations, business partnership disputes, and real estate matters.

Our Clients

Our clients are aware that a highly drafted living trust is paramount. You will never know how well written your estate plan because it comes into effect after you die.

Who will know?

Your successor trustee and beneficiaries will know, so, Hess-Verdon drafts your trust with 30+ years of court time and with a trust administration backbone!

About us

Meet our Managing Partners. Well skilled and down-to-earth, is what you’ll find here at Hess-Verdon. The Hess-Verdon team of lawyers focuses on Litigation, Trust Administration, Wills, Insurance Trusts, Dynasty Trusts, Special Needs Trusts, Family Partnerships, Personal Residence Trusts, Charitable Trusts, Corporate formations, Partnership disputes, and other Real Estate Law.

Advanced Estate Planning – Living Trusts | Irrevocable Trusts

What is an advanced estate plan?
It’s where your estate combines businesses, properties, intellectual property, blended families, and complex family matters. As a trustor/grantor, it’s crucial to have all your i’s dotted and t’s crossed in this litigious environment.  

Now, some people believe it’s ok to search for an “estate planning lawyer near me” and that drafting an estate plan is routine.  With the growth of trust and probate litigation, it’s obvious it’s not.  When it comes to advanced estate planning, a deep-court experienced attorney is always a great choice.  Hess-Verdon leads the way!

Our living trust lawyers use sophisticated estate planning and wealth preservation techniques to assist individuals, families, executives, and owners of closely-held businesses in preserving and protecting their assets and tailor plans to meet each client’s objectives.

Other Types of Trusts

We counsel clients on estate and tax planning, wealth preservation, multi-generational tax and estate planning, asset protection planning, business succession planning, charitable planning, and related legal matters. We assist families in dealing with family legal issues affecting seniors and disabled children or family members with special needs. 

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Trustee & Co-Trustee Not Getting Along


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Contesting a Trust in California
California Business Litigation

Get Answers and Guidance

Hess-Verdon & Associates

Stanton, CA. Probate and Trust Litigation Lawyers

We understand the legal and administrative headaches dealing with trust and administration matters. We also know it’s often difficult to find attorneys experienced in trust and estates with proven litigation skills. So let’s go over a few critical facts and best practices to ensure you get experienced legal counsel and avoid legal complications.

Our Trust litigation attorneys have over 30+ years of experience in this area and are well versed in helping mitigate loss, ensuring a cost-effective and smooth process.

Need a Second Opinion?

There are times when you need a second opinion from another attorney. We can confidentially evaluate what the problems and solutions are for your case. And tell you the truth about what the source is of your delays, questions, or increased expense if you are currently in litigation.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Why is this taking so long?
  • Is it your lawyer
  • Do you wish your attorney was more like your opposing counsel?
  • What are your options?
  • Why is this costing so much? 
  • When will this be over?
  • Does my case have issues?
  • When should you settle and for how much?

What burning question do you have on your mind? If you have questions that your trust lawyer is not answering, or the litigation has taken unexpected twists and turns, you should seek a second opinion.  Call today!

Trust And Estate Planning Attorney Stanton Ca Near Me

“I have been working with this firm since 1994; you can’t beat a firm like this, that is so ethical and competent.”

Dixie Fisher

Client Since 1994

Trust And Estate Planning Attorney Stanton Ca Near Me

“We’ve always felt comfortable sharing our concerns with Hess-Verdon & Associates and have felt confident that the job was well done and the concerns answered.”

Malou Cole

Client Since 2006

Trust And Estate Planning Attorney Stanton Ca Near Me

“Absolutely top notch firm for handling all your estate planning matters.”

Dean Williams

Client Since 1995

Trust And Estate Planning Attorney Stanton Ca Near Me

“Definitely a firm that will “fight to the finish.”

Frances Gruben

Client Since 2010

Trust And Estate Planning Attorney Stanton Ca Near Me

“I have been working with this firm since 1994; you can’t beat a firm like this, that is so ethical and competent.”

Dixie Fisher

Client Since 1994

Hess-Verdon &Amp; Associates Plc

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