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Representation of Trustees and Executors
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Services Needed By Trustees or Beneficiaries

  • Advice regarding the terms of the Will and Trust
  • Advice regarding the trustee’s duties to inform the beneficiaries
  • Preparation of notices and forms required by law to be sent by the Trustee to all beneficiaries or heirs at law
  • Advice about the laws related to the investments allowed in a Trust
  • Understanding the rules regarding selling assets, paying taxes andwhen you can make distributions to some or all of the beneficiaries
  • Income tax planning for the estate
  • Preparation and filing of all necessary Probate Court filings

Trust and Estates Group

At Hess-Verdon & Associates, PLC we make the process of Probate and Trust administration as streamlined and pain-free as possible.

We Provide legal services in the adminisration of probate and Trust Estates.  The loss of a loved one is a traumatic event. Making financial decisions while grieving is extremely difficult and stressful.

  • Representation of clients in all Probate and Tax Court proceedings
  • Postmortem planning, including effective use of tax elections and disclaimers
  • Postmortem planning for non-U.S. citizen spouses
  • Review of all federal and state fiduciary income tax returns
  • Handling disputes among beneficiaries or between beneficiaries and the executor or trustee to avoid Trust or Probate Litigation
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We will work with your successor to complete the process as quickly as possible, while minimizing family disharmony.