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Trustee and Beneficiaries Disputes

Are you a trustee and in need of counsel? Have you received a petition to remove you as a trustee? If so, read on.

Hess-Verdon attorneys are ready to protect you from monetary damages, specific performance of a duty, and reduction of the trustee’s compensation while bringing you peace.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

As a trustee defense lawyer, your knowledge of the following is crucial:

  • Discovery – Pre-trial phase: As a trustee (defendant), you will receive interrogatories, i.e., written questions seeking information on the disputed issue.

Here at Hess-Verdon, we will use discovery to learn more about the beneficiary (plaintiff’s case). Some states limit the number of interrogatories. Having a top trustee defense attorney is paramount!

  • The request for production of documents: Physical evidence, including electronically stored information, will be obtained, done through a subpoena.  

The bottom line is to go through a myriad of interrogatories, request of admissions, and depositions before the pre-trial phase.

Searching for an Orange County Trustee defense lawyer is your best choice  Hess-Verdon & Associates is one of the most knowledgable and most sophisticated trusts and estate law firm in the state of California at both the trial and appellate levels.

For a limited time, Hess-Verdon is offering a Learn more about our 2nd opinion case evaluation. You can receive an in-depth assessment of your legal standing from an expert estate planning attorney with deep court understanding.

Hess-Verdon will have your case evaluated by a team of trustee defense litigators! Get that larger strategic plan.

What to expect from a Hess-Verdon attorney?

Hess-Verdon protects your legal rights with 30 years of experience, over 1500 clients throughout our tenure, and treatment with respect and courtesy.



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