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What is a family trust fund

A family trust is a revocable or an irrevocable trust. So if you are looking to complete a family trust, you will consider the following:

  • Revocable Trust
  • Irrevocable Trust

These are the main buckets if you will, that house all the types of family trusts.

So as an overview, you have heard of a Will or a Trust. If you want to get into more detail about the advantages and disadvantages, please do so, but a Trust is a way to go if you want privacy and keep out of probate. A trust then protects your assets, so if you should die or become incapacitated, your assets are managed and can be left to your beneficiaries.

Now, if you die without a Will or Trust, you will have died intestate. (Without a Will or Trust). If this occurs, your assets and your executor are supervised by the courts.  

How does a family trust work

Let’s focus on the first type of trust one needs, i.e., a revocable trust. So when you think of the word, “family trust,” you can also think of revocable trust.

A revocable trust is a trust that can be revoked anytime during the life of the trustor. A revocable trust is a living trust; that is, you can amend it at any time and even close down.

Creating a Family Trust

To create a family trust, you need to compile many documents and a long term strategy based on your family circumstances. You may be persuaded to go inexpensive and find a family trust attorney to do your trust documents, but the proof is in the pudding and will only be known after you die. You see, a revocable trust is not contested during the lifetime of the trustor, but only after. Have an expert trust and estate planning attorney keep your family from harm’s way.

Establishing a family trust

When establishing a family trust, you will want to consider the following:

  • Is there a current trust out there? (You don’t need a conflict if you should die!)
  • Were you considering multiple children to be trustees? May want to reconsider! Learn what may happen!
  • Are you considering to disinherit a few beneficiaries? Learn what can go wrong.

The bottom line, an expert advanced estate planning attorney, can uncover the pitfalls of a DIY Trust. Shoot for substance and depth versus the simple price. More and more courthouses are filled with contested Trusts. Don’t have this happen to you and your family.

Family Trust Lawyers

A family trust lawyer, or better know as a trust and estate lawyer will guide you through the myriad of issues that can arise.

Hess-Verdon & Associates is one of the most reliable and most sophisticated law firms — experienced in the state of California at both the trial and appellate levels. Our law firm has spent years acquiring extensive experience in trial preparation, strategy, and trial presentation to help you with your specific case.


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We understand the legal and administrative headaches dealing with trust and administration matters. We also know it’s often difficult to find attorneys experienced in trust and estates with proven litigation skills. So let’s go over a few critical facts and best practices to ensure you get experienced legal counsel and avoid legal complications.

Our Trust litigation attorneys have over 30+ years of experience in this area and are well versed in helping mitigate loss, ensuring a cost-effective and smooth process.

Need a Second Opinion?

There are times when you need a second opinion from another attorney. We can confidentially evaluate what the problems and solutions are for your case. And tell you the truth about what the source is of your delays, questions, or increased expense if you are currently in litigation.

Here is what we’ll cover:

  • Why is this taking so long?
  • Is it your lawyer
  • Do you wish your attorney was more like your opposing counsel?
  • What are your options?
  • Why is this costing so much? 
  • When will this be over?
  • Does my case have issues?
  • When should you settle and for how much?

What burning question do you have on your mind? If you have questions that your trust lawyer is not answering, or the litigation has taken unexpected twists and turns, you should seek a second opinion.  Call today!

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“I have been working with this firm since 1994; you can’t beat a firm like this, that is so ethical and competent.”

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stars 5 Top Family Trust Attorneys Orange County California Near Me

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stars 5 Top Family Trust Attorneys Orange County California Near Me

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stars 5 Top Family Trust Attorneys Orange County California Near Me

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stars 5 Top Family Trust Attorneys Orange County California Near Me

“I have been working with this firm since 1994; you can’t beat a firm like this, that is so ethical and competent.”

Dixie Fisher

Client Since 1994

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