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Definition from Merriam-Webster: one who carries on a legal contest by judicial processone who litigates legal cases 

Are litigators the same as lawyers?

Lawyers offer legal advice and assistance to clients. They also represent them before a court and argue their case before a judge. A Litigator is also known as a trial or courtroom lawyer and focuses on representing the client in court. 

The word “Lawyer” or “Attorney” can be used interchangeably to describe a legal professional with the education required to assist others in court. There are many legal specialties, including business litigation, estate planning, trust litigation, tax, personal injury, divorce, civil, bankruptcy, criminal, medical malpractice, and many other legal matters.


What does a litigator do?

The courtroom is often crowded with litigators who can either represent plaintiffs or defendants. This process may include investigations, trials, settlements, or appeals. Although not all litigation will be resolved in court, a litigator can handle the legal process when necessary.

On the other hand, a litigator is a type of Lawyer who handles civil cases. Litigation involves legal action against someone, group, or business to settle a dispute. As a litigation lawyer, they may do the following:

  • A litigator may represent plaintiffs or defendants.
  • Litigators spend a lot of their time in court arguing cases. 
  • Litigators’ time can include investigations, trials, settlements, and appeals. 

Although not all cases will end in court appearances, a litigator can handle any legal issue that may arise.  

Why it’s crucial to select the correct type of attorney with years of background experience

Finding a lawyer with extensive experience in the area where you need representation is vital. Selecting the correct attorney will ensure you are represented professionally with the highest level of expertise. 

The estate planning process, for example, is essential for all families with estates. A lawyer specializing in estate planning can help you draft a trust, living testament, powers of attorney, and other documents that will protect your assets and provide for your loved ones. A reasonable trust attorney will inform you about any legal changes that could affect your situation. 

Predicting how someone’s death will impact your surviving family is difficult. Family disputes occur due to the following:

The scenario listed above may require estate litigation. A lawyer specializing in estate litigation can help you assess the situation and find possible solutions. These cases may end up in court, or perhaps mediation or arbitration. In either case, the right litigation attorney is essential.

The Orange County estate lawyers at Hess-Verdon & Associates have the education and experience to handle any estate and trust litigation, probate litigation, guardianship/conservatorship litigation, and estate planning. Hess-Verdon and Associates are trust experts and experts in the courtroom.  Call Hess-Verdon & Associates at 949-706-7300 for protecting your legal rights.

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