As a trustee, your role in managing and overseeing an estate plan is essential. You are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that the testator’s wishes are carried out, and their assets are protected. However, in some cases, trustees may face disputes and false allegations of undue influence, complicating matters for all parties involved.

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by | Mar 25, 2023

Understanding Undue Influence

Undue influence arises when an individual manipulates or coerces another into making decisions that disproportionately benefit the influencer, often at the expense of the person being influenced. Undue influence can occur when a vulnerable individual, such as an older adult experiencing cognitive decline or a serious health issue, is taken advantage of by another person for personal gain.

In estate planning, allegations of undue influence often involve claims that the trustee or another party coerced the testator into creating or modifying a trust that favors the alleged influencer.

Strategies for Addressing Undue Influence Claims as a Trustee

When confronted with allegations of undue influence, trustees must take proactive measures to protect their reputation and the integrity of the trust:

Maintain thorough documentation: Ensure you have comprehensive records of all communications and decisions made during estate planning. Proper documentation can provide crucial evidence to refute any false claims.

Involve other professionals: Engage the services of experienced attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals during the estate planning process. Their involvement can serve as an additional layer of protection and help establish the testator’s true intentions.

Encourage transparency: Foster open communication with all beneficiaries and keep them informed of any significant decisions or changes to the trust. Transparency can help prevent misunderstandings and alleviate suspicions.

Seek legal counsel: If you are accused of undue influence despite unfounded allegations, consult with an attorney experienced in trust and estate litigation to defend your position vigorously.

Resolving an undue influence claim can significantly impact the trust’s administration and the beneficiaries’ relationships. As a trustee, it is essential to remain focused and explore all available legal options to address such claims. For a more profound comprehension of this intricate matter and guidance on traversing the legal labyrinth, seek counsel from a seasoned attorney or delve into our website’s extensive resources.

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