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Hess-Verdon, PLC
620 Newport Center Dr.
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Shirley Gray

Its impossible to tell you how much your recommendations
have helped in settling my husbands estate. Thank you!

Mary Sipe

Jillyns expertise and positive attitude, also wonderful staff. Jillyns the best!

Leslie Foote

Up to date knowledge, always responsive, friendly.

Beverly Toy

Jill is very knowledgeable and practical Glad we found her

Dirmali Botejue

Easy access to advice and excellent knowledge on the subject.

Don Sheridan

Honesty, dedication and knowledge. You are truly amazing.

Sylvia Ford

The office of Hess-Verdon is very warm, and is concerned always with the needs of the client. You walk out with peace knowing we were well taken care of. Needs were met.

Judy Michael

Your unbelievable knowledge and caring for your clients.

Joan McCauley

Personal attention.

Bob Parke

Jillyns very personal and genuine concern to understand your concerns and needs and to work to best accommodate them.

Steve Sipe

Great service and extremely knowledgeable about the topic(s) or interest. Jillyn makes things easy to understand.

Ken Batinovich

Clear, knowledgeable, pleasing presentation.

Robert & Kay Johnson

Individual personal services from Jillyn and the staff.

Verna H. Dougherty

Very thorough. Great advice and information.

Paula Zintl

Good information about our specific issues with disabled children.

Doreen Kaller

Straight forward information and professional treatment.

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