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Absolutely top notch firm for handling all your estate planning matters.

Dean Williams

Client since 1995

Definitely a firm that will "fight to the finish."

Frances Gruben

Client since 2010

We've always felt comfortable sharing our concerns with Hess-Verdon & Associates and have felt confident that the job was well done and the concerns answered.

Malou Cole

Client since 2006

Outstanding expertise and client support

Suzanne Casey

Client since 2018

I have been working with this firm since 1994; you can't beat a firm like this, that is so ethical and competent.

Dixie Fisher

Client since 1994

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Managing Partner - Jillyn Hess-Verdon

Since 1990

Shirley Gray – “It’s impossible to tell you how much your recommendations have helped in settling my husband’s estate. Thank you!”

Mary Sipe – “Jillyn’s expertise and positive attitude, also wonderful staff. Jillyn’s the best!”

Leslie Foote – “Up to date knowledge, always responsive, friendly.”

Beverly Toy – “Jill is very knowledgeable and practical – Glad we found her.”

Dirmali Botejue – “Easy access to advice and excellent knowledge on the subject.”

Don Sheridan – “Honesty, dedication and knowledge. You are truly amazing.”

Sylvia Ford – “The office of Hess-Verdon is very warm, and is concerned always with the needs of the client. You walk out with peace knowing we were well taken care of. Needs were met.”

Judy Michael – “ Your unbelievable knowledge and caring for your clients.”

Joan McCauley – “Personal attention.”

David Young – “Appreciate your follow-up.”

Dietrich Buss – “The expertise on living trusts.”

Bob Parke – “Jillyn’s very personal and genuine concern to understand your concerns and needs and to work to best accommodate them.”

Steve Sipe – “Great service and extremely knowledgeable about the topic(s) or interest. Jillyn makes things easy to understand.”

Ken Batinovich – “Clear, knowledgeable, pleasing presentation.”

Robert & Kay Johnson – “Individual personal services from Jillyn and the staff.”

Verna H. Dougherty – “Very thorough. Great advice and information.”

Paula Zintl – “Good information about our specific issues with disabled children.”

Doreen Kaller – “Straight forward information and professional treatment.”

Josie Togle – “The expertise, knowledgeable, and personable.”

Annette Batinovich – “You! You are the BEST. You posses a practical expertise.”

Edward & Susan Conway – “You know the answers to help us.”

Don Knapp – “Always up to date in these fast paced and volatile times.”

Carol Netta – “Jillyn’s knowledge. Always does a terrific job of explaining everything.”

Winona Walton – “Thorough and straight forward approach.”

Ken Carr – “Your sincere honesty makes me feel good! 5 stars!”

Joan Karr – “The feelings of being comfortable with having your firm prepare our trust.”

Paulette Fiedor-Carpenter – “I appreciate that you keep us informed on all pertinent legal considerations.”

Hemlata Lepkowski – “Everyone can appreciate knowledge and expertise, however I value Jillyn’s compassion and kindness when I needed it most.”

Gerald McClellan – “Personal interest.”

Nancy Christian – “Friendly, competent, complete, trustworthy.”

Andrew F. Washington – “The personalized living trust.”

Cynthia Carson – “Personal aspect… Listening skills and her responding to my needs.”

Dr. George & Nancy Christian – “ The trust level of your firm is based on your personal integrity, thank you!”

Maureen Turk – “Knowledge & accessibility.”

Ron Spink – Value your perspective on how personal goals can be met.”

Susan Pirrell – “My personal interests are taken very seriously, Jillyn is up to date. A definite sense of trust.”

Bill LaFave – “Professional and knowledgeable.”

Lynne Spink – “Up to date information and easily understood explanation.”

Lee Hobbs – “Trust in ability and competence.”

Donna Picard – “The competence and helpful attitude of the staff.”

Nancy Mounier – “That you are so knowledgeable and add such a personal, caring quality and can be reached so easily with questions.”

Diane Brokhausen– “Your interest is geared to the best interest of your clients.”

Judy Kelsey – “You understood my intent quickly and immediately and the documents reflected them on the first draft.”

Jodi & Ray Pincombe – “The personal security of knowing the trust has been done.”

Ann MacGowan – “Your clarity, to the point discussions – support of my mom!”

Marilyn MacGowan– “Knowing my estate is up to date and accurate- appreciate guidance on how to proceed in planning.”

Steve & Cheryl Shultz – “Personalized approach and helping us focus on the best way to set up our trust, not the easiest or ‘expected’ way.”

Laurie & Constance Delacy – “We were very impressed with your knowledge and professional presentation and your advice.”

Mildred Bonca – “The services gave us the security of feeling that our estate was in good hands.”

Glenn Cripe – “How personal and caring everyone on the staff is from Jillyn to receptionist!”

Joseph Yee – “As a novice with estate planning and tax related issues, you have made these things clear and understandable.”

Janet Yee – “We were made to feel at ease when setting up our trust.”

Richard Sager – “Straight forward information and well presented.”

Rolland & Mary Shaw – “The feeling of security that our family is well planned for.”

Patricia Krosse – “The general knowledge and up to date information.”

Marjorie Kinsman – “Ease of mind for taking care of family members.”

Betty Stinson – “We really appreciate Jillyn. Always very knowledgeable and personable.”

Ernest Toy – “The clarity and completeness of discussion of problem in estate management.”

Donald Stinson – “We enjoy your personal service and friendliness.”

James & Barbara Fujioka – “Jillyn – excellent knowledge and very personable and candid.”

Rosalie Smith – “ Confidence that our needs are being taken care of to our best interests. Made to feel like a friend as well as a Client.”