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A business attorney is a true partner to have during business formation and administration. The legal specialist simplifies paperwork and helps you fulfill legal requirements during formation. They defend the interests of your business at all stages of its existence.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Formation Lawyer: 

What Does a Business Lawyer Do?

A business lawyer is responsible for representing your interests and providing you with independent legal advice so that you can make the best decisions regarding your business and your investments.

They provide you with the tools you need to comply with the law, whether it’s protecting your employees’ rights or ensuring shareholders and clients know what’s expected of them. Here are more reasons to hire a business attorney: 

Business formation – the attorney, helps you choose the best business structure. He/she enables you to understand the tax obligations and owner liabilities for all the available business formation types; sole proprietorships, companies, corporations.

Preventing lawsuits – the business attorney will shield your business from lawsuits to save you time and money. These could be creditor claims, employee lawsuits, or partner disputes.

Protect your trade secrets – intellectual property, branding assets, and trade secrets require the proper legal protection. The future for your business would be bleak if a competitor should use or claim these intangible assets. A business lawyer can help.

Leases and agreements – if you intend to operate from a physical office or store, a business lawyer can look out for your interests during the leasing/purchasing process.

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Hess-Verdon is in Newport Beach. We have 30 years’ experience in business law. We have helped many clients protect their business, grow their businesses, and pass it down to their loved ones through various legal instruments.

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Why Hire a Business Attorney?

Benefit from expert legal advice

The first role of a business lawyer is to listen, understand your business goals, and advise on legal matters. The attorney answers questions requiring in-depth knowledge of the rules of law and the business sector your venture falls under.

Successful and seamless business formation and administration are also possible when working with a business formation attorney from the conception stage. During the formation stage, the attorney provides strategic advice to help entrepreneurs choose the best business structure for taxation and administration purposes and handle the legal paperwork. The same goes for business transactions, transfers, joint ventures, or expansion projects.

Effectively defend your business.

Not having the proper legal support can seriously affect the smooth running of your business operations for many years to come. If a lawsuit result does not work in your favor, it can negatively impact your business and bottom line.

A business lawyer can not only advise you on legal procedures, but he can also defend you in the event of a lawsuit. The attorney will be your go-to person for assistance in trademark law, real estate law, labor law, financial and tax law, or industrial property law.

Depending on the scope of the different areas to be covered, the lawyer collaborates with other experts include CPAs. Before pleading or defending a case, it gathers the evidence and the elements necessary to allow your business to come out on top.

Negotiate contracts

A good business lawyer is expected to be proficient in the areas in which he operates. For example, a lawyer specializing in company law must regularly keep up to date with the formalities relating to shareholder rights, partnership dissolution, or breach of contract. The lawyer can help draft business documents and negotiate, and sign contracts with customers and suppliers.

Mergers and acquisitions

When considering a business acquisition, liquidation, or merger, a law firm competent in these transactions can help you determine the fair value of your business and the assets attached to it. The attorney can help draft your deeds, especially the deed of sale, which must contain mandatory information such as the seller’s name, the date of acquisition, the nature of the deed, the price of the purchase, etc. The absence of one of these essential elements in the act can invalidate the transaction.

In addition to the best defense in courts, hiring a business law attorney makes sense to help your business run smoothly. It is equally important to choose a legal advisor who will offer you the appropriate advice and assist you throughout your business’ existence.

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