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There are various ways that shareholder disputes can arise, especially when there is a breakup of top and middle management and the company’s lack of direction. Many times conflicts arise when shareholders are not pulling their weight. Other times, when shareholders are no longer part of the business, and personal problems arise, causing a shift in one’s financial goals. 

Avoid costly mistakes, protect your legal rights, and your business interests.

Where there are fraudulent activities, shareholder problems can quickly escalate beyond mediation, and only arbitration or litigation is the only remedy.

Many of these issues could have been mitigated early on with proper legal counsel and strategies built upon years of experience from an attorney focusing on business formations.

Deep Court Room Experience

If you are in the middle of a dispute with a shareholder or a business owner, it’s time to pull out the shareholder articles. The shareholder articles should include several provisions to resolve disputes, including an agreed-upon procedure to sell shares at a set valuation based on a scenario such as terminating or leaving the company for any reason.

Business Litigation Practice

Now since shareholders have a financial stake in the business, there will be pressures that trigger disagreements. 

A few of the conflicts shareholder disputes are typically the following:

  1. Fiduciary misdeeds – It is crucial that shareholders of privately-held Corporations honestly dealing with each other with loyalty and openness. Conflicts of interest can arise, especially when vital information such as financial information is held and not shared amongst the shareholders.
  2.  Minority shareholders left in the dark – as a minority shareholder, many states recognize and protect their rights. When a minority shareholder feels oppressed, they can bring suits against the majority stockholders for various reasons. 

Some can include the following:

    1.  Dividends not issued
    2.  Family expenses paid by corporate funds
    3.  Principal stockholders not sharing documents with minority shareholders

    Preventing Shareholder Disputes

    Receive legal advice from an expert business disputes attorney at the onset, even if you are working with a long-time friend. Carefully draft 

    • Incorporation agreements 
    • Articles of Association 
    • Partnership agreements 
    • Shareholders’ agreements 

    By doing your due diligence, you can go a long way toward protecting your business owners’ relationships. If disputes arise, there’s a better chance to resolve them based on the shareholder documents and articles instead of having to go to arbitration and litigation. 

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    We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs, qualifications, staffing approaches, and rate structures to resolve the estate and trust-related matters successfully. Our knowledgeable and aggressive actions are necessary to ensure the trustor/grantor maintains their wishes on the administration of the trust.

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