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Craig S. Robson

Craig S. Robson, Senior Litigation Attorney

Having been in practice for more than 18 years, Mr. Robson is a seasoned litigator and business attorney. His diverse experience includes Estate and Trust disputes, Business and Real Estate Law, Complex Civil litigation, Trade secrets, Real Estate disputes and myriad additional Civil & Commercial matters.

Since graduating from McGeorge School of law, Mr. Robson has had the opportunity to represent a broad spectrum of corporations and individuals in highly complex litigation and representational matters, and has achieved great success on behalf of his clients in State and Federal Courts. In addition to obtaining beneficial results through trial, Mr. Robson has worked to negotiate favorable settlements, and has assisted corporate and individual clients in the structure and completion of numerous transactions; utilizing efficient and often creative approaches to achieve his clients’ needs and objectives.

Trust Litigation and Administration:

As a senior attorney with the firm, Mr. Robson is handling complicated disputes and administration matters involving trusts ranging from $20MM to more than $100MM; most of which also include family-owned businesses and business interests, commercial and residential real estate holdings, and complex investment portfolios, as well as other non-cash assets.  In this regard, he is effectively prosecuted and defended cases in the following areas, among others:

  • Removal and Surcharge of Trustees
  • Defense of Trustee against Removal and Surcharge claims
  • Validation of Trust and Trust-related documents
  • Acquisition, Preservation of Distribution of Trust Assets
  • Accounting and General Trust Administration
  • Elder Abuse and related misconduct
  • Modification and Termination of Trusts
  • Third Party Actions by and/or against Trustees
  • Determination of Beneficiaries
  • Breach of Fiduciary Duties/Breach of Trust 


Real Estate and Business Litigation:

Mr. Robson has significant experience in Real Estate and Business litigation representing business owners. In a recent case, Mr. Robson successfully handled a complex dispute on behalf of a software engineering company working pursuant to a work-for-hire agreement with a multi-billion dollar company. The software company not only were paid for the work performed but took ownership of the multimillion dollar source code they had only partial interest in before Mr. Robson was retained. Mr. Robson has also prosecuted several high profile misappropriation of trade secrets and real estate cases as well as defended clients in various matters including breach of contract, construction defect work. In this regard, he has effectively prosecuted and defended cases in the following areas, among others:

  • Contract disputes
  • Trade Secrets
  • Unfair Competition
  • License Agreements
  • Construction disputes
  • Property lease disputes
  • Unlawful detainer
  • Title issues
  • Fraudulent conveyances





  • Memberships and Associations:

             Mr. Robson is admitted to practice in California and Texas, and is active in the legal community as a member of the California and Orange County Bar Associations; Trusts and Estates Section of the OCBA.


  • California (1999)
  • Texas (2009)


Russian and Bulgarian

Client Quotes

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